“Code that runs on organizations” is going to be one of the themes of the next phase of software eating the world, and one entry point will be it starting to mediate access to tools which are indispensable to work. https://twitter.com/adamdangelo/status/1265476558749196288
A lot of this will be taking things that were previously hidden knowledge or encoded as manual processes and making them more explicit and enforced by the machine, because it’s fairer/faster/more efficient/vastly cheaper/etc etc.
Think of the crazy futurist view, like “an algorithm determines who gets promoted”, then think through it seriously regarding what data sources it would need and how it would operate, then think of what will attach to and improve those same sources in next 2-5 years.
It is *extremely* obvious to me that “network analysis but to find the shadow org chart” is going to be a commercially available offering.

Sparks will fly, because many people benefit from the shadow org chart not being the actual org chart, but some people will want it anyway.
“Network analysis but for someone else’s org chart” also obviously an entire product category, and it is borderline crazy to me that LinkedIn/Microsoft hasn’t built a multi-billion dollar business there.

“Bank of America. All stakeholders in commercial fire insurance. Go.”
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