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Total cases cross 150K, the growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 4.3% - so doubling every 16 days. Finally a slowdown in infection after a week of rising growth. 🤞
How are TOTAL and ACTIVE cases changing?
Look at the right panel - to observe the decline in growth rate of active cases, after 7 days of rising speed.
7 Day moving average:
1) Daily cases
2) Daily deaths
The CDGR = 10.73%
1) Total cases in hotspot countries (>100K cases)
2) Total deaths in hotspot countries (>3000 deaths)
How are countries recovering?
1) V well: Germany, S Korea
2) Slow: Italy, Spain and slower France
3) Yet to show overall recovery: US, UK, Russia, Brazil, India...as their active cases are still rising.
4) Iran: after #FlatteningtheCurve , now witnessing a major resurgence.
Hotspot countries that are yet to peak: US, UK, Russia, Brazil, India -- their active cases still rising.
How are active cases changing over time?
COVID death rate per million people:
1) Low and rising: India, Japan
2) High and rising: UK, Sweden, US, Canada
3) Belgium: v high
How are state recovering in India?
1) MH finally shows a halt in rapid growth of active cases
2) Active cases are slowing in most hotspots
3) Recovery is rising nearly everywhere
4) Active cases continue to rise in WB, BR, KA, KL, JH, AS..
5) "UNKNOWN" almost as large as AP!
Where are new cases coming from in India? 5 day moving average of daily new cases:
1) All hotspots show decline - MH, TN, GJ, DL
2) Infection continues to spread eastwards
3) states reporting all time highest daily numbers: HR, KL, CT
How are ACTIVE cases growing?
1) V fast - AS, KL
2) Rising speed - HR, DL, WB
3) Falling speed everywhere else...
How are states testing? Confirmed positive cases per 100 tests:
COVID death rate per million people: across states of India.
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