1 like = 1 thing I hate about the 1959 John Knowles novel A Separate Peace
It would be funny if it gradually became clear through the list I provide that I haven't actually read Separate Peace, or that I think it's War and Peace or something. That would be a good "bit." However, that's false and I'm not gonna do that bit.
1. The narrator (Gene) is a radically unrepentant sociopath. He starts to resent his best friend (Finny) because--and this is, like, not even an uncharitable summary--Finny underestimates how much Gene has to study. That's like Wittgenstein levels of unsolicited rage.
2. War and Peace was another lame book. It had, at the time A Separate Peace was published, already been written. Unlike Tolstoy, Knowles didn't even have the balls to claim his Spicy ruminations on war as his own. Instead, he attributed them to random high schoolers he invented.
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