Told you.

Ever since Jensen surfaced to hand off those sealed documents to @SidneyPowell1 you've watching the unfolding of the preparation for THE BIG REVEAL:

they **unsealing** of the indictment of the CRIMINAL LEAKER of the Flynn/Kislyak intercepts.
This entire farce of the Flynn false statement case was **started** by a federal felony crime.

It's called "disclosure of classified information".

The statute of limitations on that is TEN YEARS.

So is the usual sentence for being convicted of doing it.
THIS is the federal law the Flynn leaker is going to be indicted for and charged with breaking:

Violating US Code 798.

Read up on it now.
The entire frame of @GenFlynn where the FBI set him up for an interview that NEVER should have happened in the first place...was set into motion by.....


A high-ranking gov't official leaked classified information to
@IgnatiusPost of WaPo.
Disclosing classified information to someone who is not authorized to see it is a federal felony crime with a statute of limitations of 10 yrs and carries a maximum sentence of 10 yrs in prison.
Remember, while Grenell is declassifying this stuff on one end, USA EDMO Jeffrey Jensen is currently **inside the FBI HQ on the 7th floor** where he is, with the assistance of the Internal Affairs Division, looking for more evidence in the Flynn case.
INSD does not fool around and they are never sent anywhere just for show.

We may get the unsealing of this indictment before the week is out, at the rate things were going.
But remember!


Nothing's happening and nothing's going to happen! ;)
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