just realized most likely the reason my digestion/reason my swallowing/everything is goofed up is bc i’ve been taking an antihistamine for around a month and a half 🌚 my body probably just doesn’t need it anymore and now my sh*ts all dried up & my tummy is producing 2 much acid
it’s crazy the deeper i dive into sustainability/herbalism/etc the more i realize you can’t mess w your bodies system w/o consequences. & i say this with a very educated back ground in pharmaceuticals and medicine. it’s such a delicate system and really natural is the way to go
of course i don’t mean this to say medicine is bad bc it’s not. we stan medicine in this house. but idk. it’s just crazy to me how the body works and how much more sophisticated plants are in comparison to pharmaceuticals.
n e wayz. this thread could’ve stayed in my mind. end of rant lmao just make sure you’re listening to your body and doing what’s right for you/consulting medical professionals
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