The black race has a very low global perception. A ripple effect of it is what is going on in America now.
A lot of this low perception can be attributed to low economic power globally.

Take a look at Africa. The continent depends on handouts from the West and East.
Despite all its large reservoir of natural resources, management and quality leadership have failed the continent. That is why the failure of Nigeria (the largest populated home of blacks) rubs negatively to blacks globally. The African Union has failed to get its shits
together. There is a direct relationship between the economic power of the black race to the shitty way other races treat them.

Asians used to be in our shoes, but their focus on industrialization and reducing their poverty have seen them move up the perception ladder,
earning better treatment globally.

Even in America, where poverty reside the most is among the African-Americans.

These terrible global treatments are not by accident. They are intertwined.

Black race needs to be deliberate around its development and economic prosperity.
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