"Of all the threats we know, the COVID-19 pandemic is most like a very rapid version of climate change—global in its scope, erratic in its unfolding, and unequal in its distribution. And like climate change, there is no easy fix...
Our choices are to remake society or let it be remade, to smooth the patchworks old and new or let them fray even further." Ed, so perfectly put, and made me consider how rapidly we have reshaped our society for one threat, but not the other.
I can envision a #greennewdeal that affects society an order of magnitude less, yet saves the lives of an order of magnitude more, and many of those effects will be boons - cleaner air, public transport, well-paid jobs, and at long last environmental justice for all.
We're all staying inside, wearing masks, our lives will never be the same. Maybe we could also pay a bit more on our electric bill, provide just transitions to fossil fuel workers, rethink consumption and endless growth, and invest in new technology.
Despite the media's fixation on a vocal minority the vast majority have altered their lives for the good of everyone due to #covid. The political will is there, the only thing missing is the immediacy of the crisis - the direct death numbers rising, the bodies outside hospitals.
That is why we need leaders with vision to show everyone that it is happening now, not tomorrow, not in 100 years, now. We need leaders who can convince these willing Americans: "Wear a mask for your parents, and vote for a #greennewdeal for your children."
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