“I am sorry for the racism I displayed. Not only to this man, but also to the black community at large. I sought to weaponize the police against him b/c of the color of his skin. I am committed to deconstructing my racism. Please forgive me.”

THAT would’ve been an apology.
2. Listen, when people say and do racist things, we must hold them accountable to actually acknowledge and repent of their actual racism. Not just for our sake, but b/c we love them & truly want to see them change. You can’t change if you don’t admit your actual problem.
3. The most loveless thing you can do to a racist is allow them to apologize for causing offense & allow them to avoid owning their racism. That is self-serving. It’s pursuing superficial peace for yourself, & not true peace in THEIR soul which will birth genuine social peace.
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