How To Sell High Demand Products Year Round on Ebay

You might be selling on Ebay

Whether you're Dropshipping or Flipping

And not getting much traction with your Sales

I want to change that in this thread


So there's 3 ways to find products to sell on your store

1. You list random products you "think" people want

2. You use software to TELL you which products are selling

3. You use that thing between your ears and think of what is in demand RIGHT NOW

This thread is about #3.
Now, you never want to list random products you "think" people want to buy


1. You waste money listing them
2. You waste your time
3. You waste your motivation when they don't sell

You need to step back

And think before you start sourcing or listing
So, what do you need to think about to find High Demand products to sell?

You need to think about 3 things:

1. Holidays
2. Trends
3. Current Events

And start researching products related to those
1. Holidays

Simple strategy

What do people buy every year on Christmas?

Or Chinese New Year?

or Halloween?

or Back To School?

Proactively find products out of season (when they're cheaper if flipping) and list them to your store 1-2 months before the Holiday starts
2. Trends

This is where Ebay DS thrives

Trends can happen over night and you want to capitalize fast

A Trend could pop off today and you could sell a related product tonight with Ebay DS

What's trending now?

Sell those related items.
3. Current Events

I've capitalized hard on Coronavirus Current Event

People want to be clean and avoid the Rona

So I simply brainstormed products that could help fulfill that desire

And listed them to my Ebay stores

You should do the same, no matter what the event
An easy way to find the products for each niche

Is simply just by searching Best Seller lists of your favorite Retailers in that Niche

Or discount sites if you're Flipping

And list those products

If they're selling on Amazon or Walmart, they will sell on Ebay
So this is a very simple, straightforward and free way

To find products to sell on your Ebay Dropshipping or Flipping store

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