I always urge producers/beatmakers to master different technics in sampling music to avoid court rulings over sample rights.
2 years ago we put up a track on Soundcloud only to have it removed later on by Rhino Atlantic. I was told to file a dispute against the claim or step up to contest in court.
I did neither coz I DAMN well knew i had no rights to this. The song we ripped was "JUICY by The Notorious B.I.G" yeah i know we was reachin' .
Well my point is its frustrating for an artist to have their song whom which at the time felt it was dope being removed unwillingly, i mean the admin in itself is tiring & sometimes the budget is not enough to cover the expenses to clear especially if it's a big song like JUICY.
You might have the money & the resources but some Record labels are just not hearing it.
You end up pushing your project back or not making money off it because of this.
I feel as an artist you must have unlimited usage as to what you can do with your content.
I don't offer no Royalty free beats. But what I can do for you is create something that you'll have full control over & also full rights attained in your name.
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