“Transition to Greatness”. I think not. Trump’s new slogan signals big problems in the campaign. First, It’s a meaningless jumble of nonsense words that could only be produced by a campaign that’s worried, losing and on defense. It’s the best they can do. It’s like a surrender
Banner that submits to the awful reality of Trump’s failure. Make America Great Again has been a deadly experiment that led to disaster for America. It’s legacy is death and economic collapse. The pollsters have studied and analyzed the numbers. There is no market for Trump’s (2)
Delusions. The American people understand he is a failure and lacking the stability, intelligence and morality to lead the country. The promise of greatness was simply another lie. Thunderous declarations about winning are no more. This new slogan is a remnant, a whisp of smoke 3
from faded fantasies. Reality has stripped Trump naked and all he has left are contrived slogans, square pegs hammered into round holes by the assemblage of advisors who must navigate his tormented ego and titanic vanities. Transition to Greatness is an empty shell. It’s all (4)
that is left of the MAGA promise. America has never been weaker. America has never been more broken or badly led. Transition to Greatness is just one last con.This time though the words are as empty as Trump’s hollow and vile character. It’s time for him to go. He failed America
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