Three-days long ceasefire is over; prisoner release continue. Last three days have been fruitful and will help the peace process get back on track. Some people wanted to have the ceasefire extended but as I have said it before, Taliban can't afford extended ceasefire. 1/3
Like any gurilla outfit their levarage is in their armed mobility, stop that and the ranks may disintegrate. Let's push for reduction in violence till we have intra-Afghan talks going. Only there, once significant progress is achieved, long term ceasefire can be a possiblity.2/3
Ideally, all want ceasefire but then one has to be realistic.Key from here will be minimum violence so that we R not in a situation where the President has to ask for all out offensive.Parties must excercise restraint n battlefield to allow space for political process2succeed 3/3
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