Ight imma just come out and leave this here. Hating all cops for the actions of a select few is pretty stupid. You’re not fixing anything or bringing any sort of positive change by directing hatred at any group of ppl, and that includes cops.
To me it’s similar to hating a race because of the actions of some of the people who happen to be that race. It’s just stupid. Not all cops are bad and I hate seeing how a few bad cops ruin it for everyone else.
Instead of hating the entire group, focus ur anger and frustration on the corrupt system that creates bad people and punish it along with the bad people.
The fight should be against corruption but unfortunately most people seem to forget that that’s the real target here and that’s honestly sucks. Punish the wrong doers for what they did and then move on to the root of the problem.
Don’t waste your energy on punishing good cops for the actions of bad ones smh. If we’re gonna fight for change within the US legal system, we need to attack it at its source y’all!
By blaming bad people’s actions on the entire group, how much better are you than any other person who hates an entire group of ppl for the actions of some bad seeds?
Moral of the story, by participating in movements that direct anger and hatred towards entire groups of people, are you really any better than the people you oppose? Idk it just smells like hypocrisy to me đź‘€
So try to get yourself out of the blind hatred mindset and think about what the real problem is and fight for change by attacking the real problem.
And for the record, me saying this doesn’t mean that all the corrupt cops out there get a free pass. Anyone who abuses their authority to cause harm to people they’ve sworn to protect is disgusting and deserves a harsher punishment than a slap on the wrist.
But fighting hatred with more hatred just doesn’t make any heckling sense and it should be obvious that it won’t fix any issues, only cause more. Thx for coming to my TED talk lol
And as a side note, this is my opinion, and you’re allowed to have your own. I’m not tryna start any fights, just trying to start a conversation and maybe persuade a couple ppl into thinking about this issue in a different way.
So any unnecessarily mean comments that may be left on this thread will most likely be ignored by me. I’m just tryna have a civil conversation with other ppl who are interested in this topic, so plz be respectful :)
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