This cute, funny & sad jdrama with stage actors called 'Papa, Hajimemashita' doesn't have any Eng subs yet (at least, I couldn't find them) so I decided to try & sub it as i personally like it and want to get more people to know about it!
So first of all: what is the program about? The story is about Kotarou (played by Kuroba Mario) who takes over the cafe of his uncle, because his uncle died in an accident. His uncle also had a daughter who is only in her second year of elementary school called Hina-
-(played by Hayasaka Hirara) and Koutarou is determined to be a father figure for her. Together with two others, a celebrity (played by Mizue Kenta) & an old friend (played by Ueda Keisuke) Koutarou tries to make the best out of taking care of the cafe and Hina.
-Kuroba Mario
-Ueda Keisuke
-Mizue Kenta
-Hayasaka Hirara
-Hashimoto Shohei (Ep2)
-Matsumura Ryuunosuke (Ep3)
-Ohira Shunya (Ep4)
-Nakamura Tarou (Ep5)
-Tateishi Toshiki (Ep6)
-Takahashi Kensuke (Ep7)
-Yokoto Ryuugi (Ep8)
-Honda Reo (Ep9)
-Torigoe Yuki (Ep10)
-Tamura Shin (Ep11)
I'm planning on starting to try & sub this when my summer break starts (around 20th of June) so uh this will still take a while before I'll even get started 😅 There happen to be some sentences from time to time that I don't really understand or know how to translate well so-
-there might be small gaps or mistranslations. I hope to get most of the story across though, since it's lovely.
So when I finally decide to do this & upload them, how do you get access to the files? I have a couple of roules which I'll state below:
-please dm me since i won't publish the links in tweets (i dont want the files to be used for anything but own enjoyment & i like interacting owo)
-when you dm me, please tell me that you won't share the link
-i wont send a link to a completely empty profile :)
whenever i have an episode ready i'll say so in a tweet in this thread!
also: all episodes are available on GYAO! for free, but you need a Japanese yahoo! account or a vpn!
if i decide not to go through with this project ill say it 😔 and then we pretend this never happened
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