Furry-hate is always, always rooted in hatred for LGBTQ people.

Sorry guys, but the go-to insult for furries is "furf*g" and most furry hate takes the form of cringe culture, which is also based in hate for LGBTQ people.

These are facts.
If you just plain don't like furries and just stay away? Sure whatever. Nobody cares, you do you.

But if you're actively a furry-hater who spreads these ideas that furries are all pedophiles and zoophiles, yes, you're a queerphobe.
It's always funny to me how anti-furry creeps can't engage with facts, it's always just "nuh-uh!" https://twitter.com/AutismChase/status/1265382234111897600?s=19
Anime avatars mad that facts don't care about their feelings. https://twitter.com/darumonk/status/1265467985134747648?s=19
What is there even to argue with? It is true that the go-to insult for furries is furf*g. This isn't up for debate. It's also true that the vast majority of targets for "cringe" content are LGBT.

Facts are facts. You guys just don't like facts.
Neither of these are "assertions" no matter how much they make you look like a queerphobe, anime avatar dude.
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