I am completely heartbroken after seeing the video of #GeorgeFloyd's murder at the hands of police officers. While writing the post about it my heart sank even deeper as I realized the video means nothing. We all saw VIDEO of Eric Garner being murdered by cops.
The Minneapolis PD had the AUDACITY to hold a press conference and call #GeorgeFloyd's death a "medical incident." They are setting the stage, folks. The medical examiner will "find" (see also: create) some pre-existing medical condition as the cause of George's death.
These officers are on PAID administrative leave after killing a man in cold blood KNOWING they were being filmed by bystanders. Not one single solitary FUCK was given for #GeorgeFloyd's life.
Going forward, I will no longer differntiate "good cops" from "bad cops." Y'all all are just cops. You're all in the same gang. Until you start policing each other - blood is on ALL OF YOUR HANDS! #GeorgeFloyd
Kaepernick couldn't kneel on a football field, but cops can kneel on a black man's neck? FOH! #GeorgeFloyd
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