“Kate took on 11 engagements in a month — 3 in the space of 24 hrs. It was a grueling attempt to buffer the barrage of bad news destabilizing the House of Windsor” // 11? in a month? grueling? https://twitter.com/tatlermagazine/status/1265331997402071040
i wonder if people realize that writing such fawning fan fiction about kate’s “work” only succeeds in painting her as even more privileged and put-of-touch than people already know she is.

in no world except that of the wealthy is 11 events in the span of a month “grueling”.
(i put “work” in quotations because i in no way consider the average “work” day of a “royal” to be work in any normal sense)
in the tabloid’s quest to lift kate up as an above-the-fray workhorse kween (which they’ve always done, but now especially to contrast her with meghan), they do nothing but place unrealistic expectations on someone we all know will never reach them, and set her up to be dragged.
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