Every now and then I think about how the less intelligent members of the Bakusquad probably study/do their homework while thinking, "I gotta learn this so (insert other squad member) can copy and get a good grade!"
They just sweetheart themselves into learning for their friends.
Bakugou knows this so the next time Denki is whining about not wanting to study math, or Sero complains about history, he just says, "Guess Mina's grade is gonna drop when she copies your homework then, huh?" and suddenly he's got an attentive friend again asking him to explain.
When Shinsou joins the squad Bakugou is originally averse to it, but when he sees the sleepy student is happy to help explain algorithms in a calm way to his friends he begrudgingly accepts him.
It doesn't hurt that Denki /always/ pays attention when Hitoshi is teaching.
Once #ShinKami and #KiriBaku start dating, Shinsou and Bakugou start getting oddly competitive about their teaching skills. Kiri and Kami find this super funny and pretend not to understand more than usual just to see their boyfriends argue about their own scholastic techniques.
Bakugou swears that the threat of being hit with a rolled-up homework assignment and yelling is enough to make Kirishima focus attentively. Shinsou argues that when he tells Denki he gets a kiss for every right answer he does a lot better on his homework.
Aizawa notices that Kiri and Kami's grades are going up and thinks he's finally gotten through to his students. Shinsou and Bakugou silently agree to let him keep thinking that.
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