In March 2019 I EP'd a 6 part docuseries #FindingJusticeBET Each week in a different city we took on a different injustice & lifted up the work of local organizers who were fighting for justice. You can imagine how hard it was to decide where to film our Police Brutality episode.
We decided on Minneapolis. Diamond Reynolds & Philando Castile's mother were working w ling time organizers demanding accountability. When we dug deeper we learned about Bob Kroll, Minneapolis Police Federation president & member of a white power biker club.
As I log onto Twitter & see another Black man murdered on camera by Minneapolis police, I'm reminded of their powerful union, lead by an open white supremacist. You can watch the episode of #FindingJusticeBET here
Minneapolis Police Union President Bob Kroll's bike club is the City Heat Motorcycle Club. The local BLM chapter has been raising awareness about him forever and the ADL called City Heat, Bigots on Bikes, who “has members who have openly displayed white supremacist symbols.”
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