Disturbing exclusive details... we have more than what is being publicly released. Military sources told @globalnews a corporate management team in one home made a Taylor Swift music video where they danced between #COVID19 positive and negative areas.
Troops described conditions they witnessed in the homes as "borderline abusive" and "abusive" saying they often witnessed residents being mistreated.
When it comes to PPE military sources tell me that civilian staff and medical care providers in "all" of the homes the CAF is in are ignored and disregarded despite military members frequently reminding the staff.
Military members also tell me that they have seen #COVID19 negative and positive residents not being separated. In one case nobody told the military members on shift a resident had been diagnosed as positive and troops weren't thus wearing proper PPE.
Military members and govt officials on background tell me management of the homes were alerted to the military members' concerns and allegations in all cases. We have requested a response from the homes in questions.
Troops have also come forward to @globalnews raising concerns about falsification of medical records in homes, lack of medication tracking, lack of flagging opioid use, and a serious lack of training for new staff
Troops also described senior management in one home as frequently going missing - they could not find anyone to talk to.
Several sources told me they are deeply concerned that situations in the homes were offloaded onto the military that they were not tasked with but performed out of concern for the residents. A number of the troops are very worried about what happens after they leave.
I was also told that despite the short staffing and need for military home troops in one home were told by staff that management was cutting back on shifts and hours for staff in light of the military being brought in.
There is also deep concern among troops that Do Not Resuscitate orders have not been properly documented or accessible. That means troops are forced to immediately begin extraordinary measures on someone who may not want them.
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