I am very conservative, but I don’t like many convservatives on twitter. I’ve unfollowed those who cannot see beyond their own world, who cannot or will not put themselves in others’ shoes, who makes statements based on their life andsay they should be true for all.
When I try to gently explain other worlds, such as ID or blindness, many conservatives ignore me or try to argue their way out of their statements. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but it’d be nice if they’d acknowledge my point.
Just because someone is conservative does not give them an automatic pass to be a good person. I find myself disappointed in some conservatives and I can see why many of liberal leaning hold conservatives in great disdain, because, well, I do.
If conservatives want to understand why so many people who consider themselves marginalized are liberal, conservatives need to look at themselves first, not jjust blame the MSM. I will remain a Republican until #MyPresidentTrump leaves office. After that, I don’t know.
I will never vote Democrat, I will always be socially and fiscaly conservative, but after President Trump leaves office, I’m not so sure I wish to remain associated with a party where a good number won’t look beyond their own life to see how others live.
Since I believe strongly in the #MAGA #KAG agenda, maybe I’ll identify myself as #POT , party of Trump. :) If only one conservative reads this thread and hears me, that’d be great, but I ain’t holding my breath.
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