1) Why sudden aggression of China from the Tibet & Aksai Chin sides against India in Ladakh?

Three reasons:
a) Divert from Corona virus probe- bullying.
b) Create negative image for investors moving into India.
c) To intimidate India into not build road infrastructure in Ladakh.
2) Watch this video from #Gravitas to learn more on why Chinese Military, which reports to the Communist Party in Beijing, is rabble rousing in North Indian border during a global pandemic.. https://twitter.com/VickyAgarwalaVA/status/1265025723942739970?s=19
6) Finally.. What China has been trying to do over the decades is..

Keep India to the west of Sindhu (Indus) & west of Shyok rivers in Ladakh.

Somehow create an all weather road to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Gilgit Baltistan) from Daulat Beg Oldi bypassing Siachen glacier!
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