I suspect that there are going to be more #CripTheVote conversations about voting accessibility and voter suppression in the coming weeks.
My own view is that efforts to make or keep voting complicated, bureaucratic, and inaccessible are based on two things three things ... plain partisanship, racism, and a particular philosophy of what “democracy” should be. #CripTheVote
Racism ... Because lots of people still deep down don’t think Black people should be voting, for dozens of garbage “reasons” based in racism, and also just pure, historical, habitual racism. #CripTheVote
Partisanship ... Because they think that their party or candidate will do better on election days if people who tend to support “the other side” vote in lower numbers. #CripTheVote
Philosophy ... Because deep down they think that the only suitable voters are those who by some measure are “informed,” “committed,” & “intelligent.”

The argument: If you can’t manage to get over the barriers & through the hoops to vote, you don’t deserve a vote. #CripTheVote
You’ll even hear stuff like this from some disabled voters ...

“I don’t white about accessibility. I do what I have to do to vote. If you can’t manage it, you must not really care.” #CripTheVote
It’s also one of the darker sides of “get out the vote” campaigns, which are important, but are sometimes done in ways that tend to shame non-voters rather than make voting easier for them. #CripTheVote
Voting should be easy. Nobody should have to prove their “commitment” or “perseverance” to vote. #CripTheVote
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