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How does a face shield work versus a face mask?

Wearing PPE in public is one of the only tools we have right now to mitigate transmission while re-opening our communities. I encourage everyone to wear face masks/shields. (1/8)
A group of researchers from the @uiowa ( @eliowa, @mike_edmond, @dan_diekema) detailed the efficacy of face shields in relation to masks. Big takeaways: (2/8)
1) Face masks are porous because of the material they are made of, so some droplets still make it through the mask in both directions. A shield is not porous, so it protects not just those around you, but the wearer as well.
2) Shields protect all facial orifices where the virus can enter, while masks (when worn correctly) still leave the eyes completely unprotected. Most people don’t wear masks correctly all of the time as well, so nasal passages are often inadequately covered.
3) You can still touch your face subconsciously with a mask, but the shield automatically blocks inadvertent actions to touch your face.
4) Shields are protective even in social situations in ways masks aren’t. For instance, you can still drink coffee or eat something with a shield in place, but it wouldn’t be possible with a mask.
Face shields are usually more comfortable. However, the most important thing is that you use PPE in public. Please use whichever (mask or shield) you have access to. It’s vital for the health and safety of our community.
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