In Libya, General Rommel's Afrikakorps have launched a surprise attack against British, Indian & French troops holding the defensive "Gazala Line" in the desert.
Allied forces hold the Gazala Line, a chain of bunkers running south through Libyan desert; Germans are going around the side.
While feint attack on Gazala Line distract the British, most of the Afrikakorps swoops south into the desert, outflanking Allies & hoping for a decisive enirclement.
Southern end of the Gazala Line is defended by Free French forces. Susan Travers, army driver & lover of a French General, is at Bir Hacheim in south Libya- now under Axis attack.
Travers, the only woman in the French Foreign Legion, is renowned as "La Miss" for her daredevil driving. An Italian tank brigade now attacking Legion's fortifications at Bir Hacheim.
Susan: "I saw 80 enemy tanks, firing wildly... I retreated to my dugout, listening to distant landmines explode under the huge metal monsters."
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