In Defence of Vedas-

This person on Quora claimed some things about Vedas which are totally false, I will refute him through this thread.
First he claims that he is using Translations by Arya Samaj and names many scholars including Swami Dayanand Saraswati, But he does not quote him even once, nor did he quote Shreepad Damodar Satvelkar etc.
Hence lying from the start.
First he claim that Vedas speak aboy destruction of "Infidels", and he refers to Rigveda 9,13,9.
This is a Lie the word used in that mantra is "अराव्णः"
It's made from word root "रा दाने" so अराव्णः means "Selfish" or those who don't contribute anything to society, (Parasites)
Vedas talk about them not "Infidels" as claimed in the post। Next he provides Evidence from Rigveda 7,6,3 and claims it talks about infidels, but he is wrong again, the word used is "अश्रद्धा" It means Disrespectful not infidels. श्रद्धा here means respect
Further Rigveda 9:63:5 also uses word अराव्णः which I already proved does not mean infidel.
Further in Rigveda 8:70:11 the word used is दस्यु as I have already shown in my previous thread Dasyu mean kne who does injustice, a thief, robber etc.
Next he talks about Rigveda 7,97,9. In this mantra no Infidel or godless in mentioned, it is mentioned that those who attack Bhakta should be destroyed. So wrong again.
He mostly uses translation of Satya Prakash Saraswati, I confirmed it from my friend who is in Arya Samaj and one Acharya of Arya samaj that Satya Prakash Saraswati is not much known in Arya Samaj, they follow Swami Dayanand and Harisharan Siddhantalankar mostly
I have shown that his translations are wrong and straight up twisting the truth, and contain wring translations. He gave some other mantras too which I might refute in future but readers have an Idea now that how wrong he is.
So pls stop following random translations off the internet, nobody can read Vedas like other ordinary book.

नमो नारायणाय
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