The completion of a cycle is a bittersweet occasion. You feel tremendous gratitude for the journey you have been on and all that you have learned, you feel excited about the infinite possibilities that are opening up for you. Yet you may also feel deep sorrow simultaneously.
You can't complete a journey without enduring some loss, and this particular journey may have involved many losses and difficult endings.
The wise know that endings always lead to new beginnings, just as death always leads to rebirth, and your rebirth is awaiting you on the other side of this journey.
It's okay to feel whatever you're feeling at this point in time, there is so much to feel because you have lived through so much! You started this journey as a different version of yourself than the one you are now.
You have overcome many obstacles, you have released so much of what you used to know, and you have grown significantly. You deserve to take the next step and move into the new paradigm that is calling to you now.
You're not leaving everything you love behind for good, even if it appears that way at this time. As Rumi said, "Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation."
You are heading in a new direction and making a fresh start and this is a momentous occasion! Try to see this as the huge accomplishment that it is even if you feel some sorrow. Try not to worry about what's going to happen next and focus on your growth instead.
You have been given all that you need for the next great journey that you are embarking upon, you can make it the best journey yet. Think about the things that you want to call into your reality as you set out on your next adventure and start to feel excited about what's to come.
The sun is shining on you and bringing you back to life. Your spirit is calling you to leap forward into the new reality with an open heart and an open mind. There is so much goodness to come, just wait and see, it will all be here for you so soon.
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