Curator of 'Divine Matrix' @Gen_VKSingh is by far the most mature citizen thinker amongst Veteran Generals

1. Strategic Roads - enhanced connectivity & reach is key to a strong Nation (Germany is an example) - China not uncomfortable

2. Posturing as Diversionary


3. Chinese PR Naysayers be calm

4. India has Capable Focussed Leadership

5. Track 2 people have no clue

6. China under pressure diverts attention - India should be vigilant & no panic is called for

7. Full faith in Armed Forces

@gauravcsawant ain't panicking 👍

China is Bewildered & Annual 'Lockdown' Meeting of Xi is causing Anxiety & a Meltdown within Chinese Polity & Military with issues like mishandling of COVID, Taiwan Sunrise, Hong Kong Unrest, Australia's Rebuttal, US Scrutiny Lens, India Gaining Prominence etc being predominant
Bewildered !


India amongst Decision Makers
India seeking economic push & manufacturing
India getting support

Transgressions routine too but motivated at this time☝️
China has professed & heavily invested in Economic Growth & that has allowed Military Enhancements all along and with seemingly a Shrinking 'Economic' World around it now, it fears curbing of it's economic freedom & advantage in trade & US is likely to cut it to size in future
In likelihood of a New World Order emerging, China expects to bear the loss & India tends to gain

India also is going to be a guide, opportunity & amongst Decision Makers in era ahead including WHA Investigation into COVID, trade partnerships, shift in manufacturing from China..
China tried to message Australia but got a rebuttal & it doesn't have the reach to engage militarily

With India it seeks positive favours & thinks this 'Arm Twisting' will work but that shall not happen as Indian Armed Forces have enough Reserves to plug Pockets of Transgression
India has plethora of Diplo-Economic leverage options & even military options to embarrass China along LAC in some Pockets

Indian Road & Infrastructure Development in all Sectors along LAC will progress as per plans & in two decades we will be gain parity in movement along LAC..
Pakistan is a harbinger of Terrorism & we are at war to fight that menace on a daily basis

China is more of an Opportunity & a Challenge in few domains & future will have collaborations & dissents from both Nations

Like China has grown economically & militarily, India will too
Current situation will escalate only if weapons open up & both Nations are mature to maintain the threshold, as violation there will lead to localised skirmish & China stands to lose more in 'perception warfare' in the bargain

"COVID PUNCH" by a young Major well within threshold
Indian Diplo-Economic Prowess has enhanced in last few years & current dispensation knows how to handle crises & have ability to read the fine print too

Chinese Whispers through Media Propaganda will not work well with pragmatic Citizens of India, US etc & China fears a backlash
Time has come for the Dragon to acknowledge that it's Oxygen Supply is at mercy of the World & one in which India has a major say & therefore collaboration is the Way Ahead & angst shaping into military posturing will only be exposed & then internally Xi will have more to answer
Dragon has lost Brute Sheen since Kungfu Panda was launched in Hollywood

Eagle is watching intently as Bear won't Hug the Dragon

Tiger is on the prowl & Elephant is firm footed

India is Curator of Chanakya Niti & time is ripe to make some choices

War Zone Campaign to Grand Strategy

Imperial Civilization to Economic Imperialism

China has travelled long but it will never resolve border issue with India & will retain the "Elbow Space"

India will eventually command respect in more proportion & to advantage

More later...👍
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