I hope this is an unnecessary message:

The extreme reactionary backlash wing has completely subsumed the GOP. Trump is an outcome of that, not the cause.

This (small) group will abandon any principle (even democracy itself) to hold onto a white identity-driven status quo /1
This will intensify even more between now and November.

It will be uglier than you can imagine. Especially online.

But if we can hold out. If we can double our efforts to use those very tools of democracy they are willing to abandon, we can break through. /2
You have to be brave. You have to be public. You have to be wiling put your privilege, your platform, and your peace on the line.

And you have to do it the hard way. You have to use the machine of democracy to protect itself. /3
If we don't. If we devolve into the tactics the extremists are using, then we might as well be them. Because then, we aren't fighting for values or principles or a better, more equitable America for all. We're just fighting to win.

And if we win that way, we've lost anyway /End
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