Dear @AnilDeshmukhNCP,
Investigation was completed. #ArnabGoswami @republic had paid dues of 83 lacs. Concorde Designs had total debt of 19.57Cr and bank OD of 10.37Cr. The total trade receivables of the company for FY 2016 was Rs 6.63 cr, while trade payables was Rs 7.51 cr.
His suicide wasn't a shock to Design & Construction Industry. He was my client for 6 years & we knew how he picked Turnkey jobs & didn't deliver projects in time. Hence lost credibility. No projects & increasing debt lead Mr. Naik & his mother to suicide. Get your facts right.
You are unnecessarily harassing @republic because of #PalgharMobLynching case. No matter how much you try ro escape you will be caught. Stop this harrassment. Apne karm dekh lo pehle. Tumhari Govt zyada din nahi rehne wali. Shame on you to reopen a closed case to save own arse.
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