rina as “partners in crime” by FINNES lyrics, thread
“i said you look pretty, all strung out on coke, you said it’s not funny, but it wasn’t a joke”

s2 where gina hasnt spoken to ricky in months and they’re at a party and ricky says to her and she’s unimpressed but ricky just really misses her
“but isn’t that what friends are for, even if we used to be more? like lovers or partners in crime, and you were still mine”

ricky helps gina with something, or maybe even comforts her when she’s missing her mom, and ricky tries to act nonchalant about it but this is all he’s +
“you said we should get out, while we still could, and I shoulda listened, but I misunderstood”

ricky thinking back to when he and gina used to be friends and he messed it up with her by going back to nini
“and when the cops broke down our door, and held us both against our floor, did we look like lovers or partners in crime? did you look like mine?”

their friends see them talking together again and ricky thinks he has a shot again so he wonders what it looks like to them.
“didn’t see you for ages, didn’t pick up your phone”

when gina moved away and told ricky not to call her anymore
“thought i saw you again, someone i’ve seen before, you couldn’t look any more, like a lover or a partner in crime, or something of mine”

when gina moves back with ash, ricky sees her for the first time at school and she’s closed off towards him like when she first moved to +
ehs and he doesnt understand why
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