1 - For all those Kurds who aspire for a Kurdistan (map below) yet acknowledge Kurdish role in the Armenian & Assyrian Genocides, is your desire not conflicting with your admission?
2 - You cannot advocate for land/property taken through genocide by your ancestors & kinsmen, say that you apologize for their role in the genocide with words and then quickly post a map of your "desired" Kurdistan which has all the lands/property seized through genocide in it.
3 - At that point, what good is the admission of guilt of the genocide?
The admission of national guilt becomes little more than just words does it not?
You cannot claim the lands taken through genocide yet genuinely feel apologetic about said genocide ever occurring.
4 - It is just a food for thought. Can I hear from Kurds who show sympathy towards Assyrians & Armenians with regards to the Genocide?
What is your stance on "East Armenia" for example, should it be part of your future Kurdistan, or should it be given (whole or part) to Armenia?
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