This is an interesting thread, and I want you to read it (and the Maclean's article linked in the first entry) before you read my comments. /1
I respect that Matt is trying to draw a distinction between the editorial staff and the reporters. Theoretically, that's a valid distinction. A reporter's job is to report, the editorial staff get to pontificate on the issues of the day. /2
In itself, that seems like a reasonable distinction. However, we also have to recognize that as in any organization, there is a hierarchy, and in many ways the editorial "board" sets the tone for the newsroom. /3
Trying to argue that "the reporters are trying to be objective" overlooks the influence of the editorial pages on how the remainder of the publication is perceived by the reader.

I'm sure the vast majority of reporters are doing exactly what they should. BUT ... /4
There are a myriad of ways things can be spun. Choices of wording can alter the perception of what happened considerably; headlines are written to grab eyeballs; etc.

All of those _will_ be influenced by the atmosphere in the workplace. It cannot be avoided. /5
Now, what I'm about to say here will no doubt put me firmly in Matt's "angry lefty" column, but fuck it.

PostMedia is owned and controlled by political right wing interests. Full Stop. /6
For those who have forgotten, the National Post was formed by Conrad Black back in the days of Hollinger Inc. because Conrad didn't think there were enough conservative voices in the national news scene. /7
NP has had a significant right wing bias since it was founded, although it has become considerably more _partisan_ over time. /8
Once the consolidation of media under CanWest took place (largely on the demise of Hollinger), the centralized "C&C" model of editorial control came into being. Previously independent regional papers suddenly found head office dictating editorial direction. (and it showed) /9
Today, it's a rare day indeed to see a PostMedia paper publish something even remotely complimentary about a political leader who isn't a conservative partisan.

While the broadsheet papers try to be a little more subtle about it, the tabloid Sun papers are blatant. /10
Hell, we have the receipts (literally) of the Sun papers staging up for the 2015 election specifically to support the conservatives. That was a mandate from on high, and it was well publicized (thanks to someone leaking a few internal memos). /11
I won't let the rest of PostMedia off the hook, not after the "scare" wrap they sold to the CPC in 2015, all of a few days before voting day. The format of that wrap was deceptive advertising in the first place, and if they had any ethics at all, they should have refused it. /12
So, while Matt may be correct in saying that the newsroom is often a divided place, we cannot ignore the power hierarchy that is clearly at play, from ownership on down through the editorial boards (which are clearly no longer independent). /13
Nor is it reasonable to ask the reader to parse the differences between reporting and editorial content. It's all part of the final product.

When I buy a car, and some part of it is terrible, I don't say "well that's the people who made the seats", I say "goddamnit, Ford!"/14
So, I find it quite laughable when I see conservatives whining about "media bias", when - especially PostMedia - is owned, and clearly controlled by conservative interests. /15
If they want to convince me that they aren't biased, then the editorial staff needs to stop marching in lock-step like good little partisan robots.

It would also help if headline writing was less about click-baiting people, and more objective. /16
I don't mind the odd blatantly partisan writer spouting off, but when the entire editorial staff is clearly singing from the same music, they are doing Canadians a disservice. /17
Maybe the reporters in PostMedia's newsroom really are doing a sound job of reporting. That is still tainted by the fact that the editorial staff is clearly being ordered to write in a partisan manner. /18 ~fin~
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