I keep seeing posts of how #ecom sales are inching back to pre #COVID era, consumption of @dominos_india is back on track etc etc. For those of you who are living in this #foolsparadise that we are going to get back to normal at #LockdownEnd I’ll wish to burst your bubble. 1/n
2/n On ground the numbers are speaking for themselves. Take for instance where #Maharashtra & #Mumbai are. As of today you may be God but try and get a loved one an #ICUbed here or worse a #Ventilator. We have none! @mybmc has no real time dashboard & people are dying in transit
3/n To the popular belief that let’s open it all up as we all are going to get it someday. My advise to all you #mentalmastrubating morons on #webex #zoom you’ll have no clue what the F this flu is. The recovery process is painful and so slow that you will cry ur ass off.
4/n No one and I mean no one should get #Covid19. Develop OCD and sanitise everything. Learn to respect the lockdowns. Don’t line up for 🍷 🍺. Each age group has differing risks attached to their infection. The old are most vulnerable. Stop being selfish India.! Start weighing
5/n what matters more to you- Life for yourself and the elderly in the family or Money/Economy?? Stop doing post #PostCovid19 scenarios analysis as we are a year away from that. Focus on the today which is grim. Very very grim. ! Thank your ✨that you are sitting at 🏠 safely.
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