Bridenstine: Our goal is to have SpaceX be able to do missions one day without NASA. And so we want to make sure that they're making decisions, but if we if we see something that we disagree with certainly, we have the right to intervene.
Bridenstine: We're targeting August 30 for a launch of Crew 1
We are revisiting the astronauts' breakfast since they won't tell us. Obviously a conspiracy unfolding here
I had an apple for breakfast, fyi
The time at which I devolve into chuckles during a Commercial Crew press conference is happening earlier and earlier as we get closer to flight
We are now discussing the decision to bring back the Worm, Bridenstine: The NASA style guide is very clear The Worm no longer exists. But I write the style guide so I made a determination that for this particular mission, on this particular day we're bringing back The Worm.
Bridenstine: We're bringing people together on this mission. We've got The Meatball and we've got The Worm. And I like both, so we're going with both.
Ooo @kchangnyt asks a great question about who gets credit for this, Bridenstine: This is a program that demonstrates the success when you have continuity of purpose going from one administration to the next.
Bridenstine gives credit to Bush, Obama, and Charlie Bolden, but then adds: "I will reiterate that the human spaceflight program under President Trump has really blossomed. Our budgets now are as high as they've ever been."
Bridenstine: "We have this moment in time where we can unite people again. And that's really what this launch is going to do; it's not just going to unite Republicans and Democrats. It's going to unite the world. The whole world is going to be watching this."
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