When politicians ask us to respect the values of democracy, they fail to mention the original ancient Athenian system of democracy was based on slavery, misogyny and secularism. Thus, France and the U.S., not Canada, are rightly considered the birth places of modern democracy.
Canada’s Liberal Party bases its bogus notion of “democracy” on the non-existent democracy of the British Empire. The United Kingdom is not a democracy. It doesn’t even have a constitution. It should surprise nobody that this is what constitutes Neoconservatism in America.
Here’s the model. In the UK, entrenched groups that form the establishment may include the Royal family, aristocracy, privy council, civil servants, legal representatives, academics, clergy in the Church of England, financiers, industrialists, teachers and other professionals.
Just to make this thread perfectly clear. Two American ventures, Microsoft (Bill Gates) and Alliance for Securing Democracy (George Soros front), are partnering with Canada, not America, to fight fictitious Russian aggression. #ObamaGate
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