2. Not unique to PA, state regulators simply aren't protecting the public from #fracking pollution.

#oilandgas production is deemed "essential" but protecting #publichealth isn't, even when the state promises otherwise.
3. How else can we interpret that #oilandgas operations continue (at a slight decline) but inspections have dropped precipitously?
4. The Department of ENVIRONMENTAL Protection's mission is "to protect Pennsylvania's air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment."

Do you see mention of protecting #oilandgas operations? I don't.
5. Yet time and again when #publichealth conflicts with #oilandgas, regulators prioritize the #fracking industry ahead of their MISSION to protect the public.
6. Unfortunately, PA is not only not unique, they're one of the *better* states when protecting #publichealth from #oilandgas pollution relative to (for example) Texas or North Dakota.

We did a thorough enforcement analysis in 2012, it still stands: https://earthworks.org/campaigns/enforcing-the-rules/
8. Given the political will it would take to *try* to properly regulate #oilandgas (really putting the public 1st), and the little time #climate science gives us to avoid #climate catastrophe, better use the effort to build political will to end #fossilfuels entirely.
9. If you don't believe, consider Colorado. Maybe THE BEST state in terms of oversight. Last year the state passed SB181 explicitly requiring #publichealth to be prioritized ahead of #oilandgas extraction, even if that meant NOT EXTRACTING. The result?
12. The history of #oilandgas oversight shows that whenever #publichealth concerns are balanced against #oilandgas, the public comes up short -- even when regulators are explicitly directed otherwise.

The only way to protect one's health from #fracking is to not allow it /END
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