It is fascinating watching the whole world decide on something like “social distancing” and reject any suggestion by other “experts” that it might be the wrong path.

Most people simply will not change course once they decide on one. Speaks to the human mind and how it works.
Pause for a moment and think about all the places you see “social distancing”. It’s quite literally everywhere.

Now, whether you believe in it or not, imagine for a moment that it’s wrong. Does that not creep you out a little? It should.
Think about the power of that term now. “Social distancing”. It is completely re-ordering society. It has and will continues to wipe out livelihoods. It will cause depression, abuse, suicides, and substance abuse. We know this to be a fact.

Now.....what if it’s wrong?
It has consumed everything and everyone. We have Nick Saban doing videos on it. Every restaurant and store has a sign up. Every news program is pushing it and scarlet lettering anyone who doesn’t do it well enough.

And what if it’s wrong?
Who came up with the term “social distancing”? Who decided that’s a solution for COVID? Do you know who they are? Can you even name them? Do you know their background? Their education? Their motivation?

I’m not judging if you don’t. I don’t. But shouldn’t we?
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