Many of my Marathi BJP supporters feel that BJP should not form govt in Maharashtra right now even if it numbers are arranged. They feel that BJP should not form govt during such dangerous situation taking on such huge liability of rising #COVID19 cases. I beg to differ.
IMHO, BJP should not waste the opportunity to form the govt. This is a one time chance to our Chocolate Hero @Dev_Fadnavis to become Modi of Maharashtra. If he becomes CM at this juncture and manages the situation well, then he will become undisputed leader of entire MH.
Modi got a chance to prove his metal during Earthquake of 2001 which made him a Messiah of GJ. @Dev_Fadnavis has this one time opportunity to become Messiah of entire Maharashtra NOW. What's the use of becoming CM post #COVID19 ?
Infact, this is the best chance.
Just like he brought water to Drought affected Latur in 2015 by Train and earned Goodwill, this is an opportunity to manage the state situation well and earn the goodwill and blessings for lifetime. Difficult leaders make strong leaders & hence there is no use of becoming..
CM post #COVID19 . If he manages the situation in MH well, then his caste will become irrelevant in MH politics and all the established politicians will become irrelevant in MH Politics. This is the best opportunity to become CM and prove your metal @Dev_Fadnavis .
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