why "big3 pr*vilege" is not working for twice,, a thread
@JYPETWICE was formed by Park Jin-Young (JYP) who created the survival show "SIXTEEN" that was broadcasted by mnet. However, the ratings for the show were very low and it wasn’t popular at all. The gp and even jype trainees though that the new gg would fl*p and this caused many+
trainees to leave jype entertainment because they didn’t think twice would be big someday. Let’s not forget the fact that JYP Entertainment was at the verge of bankruptcy in 2015, Twice’s debut year.
Let’s continue with the album sales of twice. You can clearly see that the first day album sales of their debut album "The Story Begins" are very low.
Moving on to Cheer Up era. With this song they also got their first win on M Countdown. It took them exactly a year to get their first win and this is where their success in South Korea started.
With more comebacks, @JYPETWICE became even more popular and their fan base all around the world grew every single day, making them the nation’s girl group.
This thread is here to tell y‘all that the big3 pr*vilege didn’t help twice at all, they became successful bc of THEIR success and THEIR work
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