When videos like the #AmyCooper incident come out, many non-Black folks often use them as opportunities to distance ourselves from anti-Black racism, to see ourselves as progressive or exceptional and to call out racism when we see it. (1/5)
Of course it's necessary to condemn racism and to challenge anti-Blackness in our social circles, families and communities. But it's equally, if not more important to use these opportunities to recognise our own internal biases. (2/5)
Calling out overt racism (e.g., in the #AmyCooper video) can be easy. What's difficult is acknowledging that anti-Blackness is structurally engrained in ALL of us, and working to unlearn and challenge our implicit biases. (3/5)
Non-Blacks: our moral obligation goes beyond condemning racism, but to acknowledge that whilst we wouldn't do what #AmyCooper did, we are far from perfect; we are complicit in, and benefit from anti-Blackness everyday, whether we like it or not. (4/5)
This thread was mostly directed at fellow non-Black "progressives" as I know many of us are quick to call out racism but are less comfortable checking ourselves. Black folks, please jump in with anything I might have missed on this if you'd like! (5/5)
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