Assuming the symbol means what I think the ✿ emoticon should be for all lesbians, including, but not limited to, of course standard monosexual cis lesbians, trans lesbians, non-binary lesbians, he/him lesbians, bi/pan lesbians, and asexual lesbians. (Continued in next post)
You can't just say one group of people that's often shunned from our community is valid while simultaneously saying another one isn't, it's either everyone is valid or nobody is, because creating a status quo for ourselves is exactly what hategroups want from us so they can Cont.
More easily break us down and then strip our rights away further. The LGBT community is stronger when everyone is together, and trying to seperate us into strict unchanging labels that if you ever try to mix them together it makes you a bigot is extremely harmful. Cont.
There's also the fact lesbians that weren't strictly monosexual also were more common until political lesbianism, and lesbian isolationism, and a bit of liberal feminism, became common in the 70s-80s.
The thing is also I'm yet to hear a strong argument against them other than "Oh it will make cishet men think lesbians want sex with them!" which if you don't know gross men would be creepy regardless of someones label. And the other arguments base themselves on the idea Cont.
that sexuality is strict and can't be changed, instead of basing itself more on something fluid. If Gender can be fluid I see no reason as to why sexuality can't be either, not to mention language changes as time goes on, and giving more definitions to a label does not Cont.
invalidate it or strip it of its purpose, lesbians would still be lesbians no matter what extra identities were added to it, same goes for litterally any other identity. Ultimately this comes across as very T3RFy stuff too where those kinds of people would often exclude Cont.
trans people under the basis that they're not real lesbians, and just gross men trying to invade their space. Ultimately being against these things helps no one, it doesn't help bi/pan people, it doesn't help lesbians, it doesn't help trans people, or cis, it just hurts everyone.
And ultimately isolating identities into little boxes where you can only ever sit inside of one is what rightwing hate groups want us to do because as we get more divided it will allow them to destroy us entirely even easier. We must stand united, not seperate ourselves.
Ultimately you can still choose to be a gatekeeper if you want, I'm sure this thread isn't going to change your mind, if you are one you likely are just going to overlook everything after you saw "Bi/Pan Lesbians" and then just tell they're invalid Stan Loona, but I hope at Cont.
least some people who read this can understand what I mean, and can realize that allowing sexuality to be more fluid would only help all LGBT people in the long run, not harm us. I'm hoping at least someone will see this and get my points, but if you don't, oh well.
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