1. Most of your know #Cummson - Cummings & Johnson - are sure they can't be tried in the UK.

All laws that should apply, are gone.
I don't mean Cummings Durham. I mean they removed real laws.

There's only one option left. The Hague. But that needs talking about. Thread.
2. For the many of you who are coming to this fresh
- I feel your immediate scepticism about the last tweet.
I've been there. So at the end of this thread, you'll find an exhaustive examination of
what the laws were,
why they apply to us
how they removed them for ministers
3. If you're thinking, how do we get them to The Hague, you'll also find a thread on that. It might even be a good reason for them finally to stand down for a decent Government of National Unity - to plea bargain.

But today I want to talk Hague politics, so they do go on trial
4. If you could still take a (Prime) Minister to court for Gross Negligence Manslaughter (now removed), there's already enough evidence from the airport fiasco to do so.
But we have PPE, care homes, ventilators, stopping tack and trace etc.

The ICC problem will be: why the UK?
5. That's a serious question.
US is exempt from ICC, Trump can't be put on trial, but in considering our UKGov, and specifically the Cabinet since they are collectively responsible, the ICC will need to show that the UK was unique, mistakes killed, and it wasn't just bad luck.
6. They have to do that because if it was just the fog of war, unlucky, acting reasonably, the UK is the same as any other Government, but maybe just a little more inept.

The ICC doesn't want to put every member state on trial, nor should it. Crimes Against Humanity are serious
7. So let's make this as hard as we can - ITALY
We have to show the UK was particularly negligent, inept or murderous, vs. Italy
#Cummson goes to court,
The Italian Government fairly, based on evidence, does not.

Can we do that?

Oh yes, I believe we can. And not just once.
8. The rest is a list of examples, so when you get bored stop reading, with 3 exceptions
1. You want the threads I mentioned above.
2. You many to add examples I missed
3. You wish to correct or update examples I added

And, if you think this is a good exercise. Please retweet
9. List Criteria



*ie not appointed or data cherry-picked
1. Airport Containment
WHO, Science, Best practice advice, even direct pleas ignored Time wasted covering up, disinformation spread on importance. UNIQUE POLICY

2. Airport Dispersal
Additional deaths from 1 - UK fighting virus on many fronts, counter likely FOR triage defence.
3. Deliberate Inaction
From Jan 9th notification to March 9th purchases starting, UK Gov uniquely failed to prepare the country for the pandemic, despite warnings from prior exercises, and knowing it had run down PPE stocks

Applies to PPE, tests, ventilation, even Gov health ads
4. Purchasing - Ideological and Nepotistic Corruption
The UK's failure to benefit from shared purchasing of PPE and other equipment with neighbouring states. The bizarre lists of failures alone are a unique demonstration of negligence.

Selection process for Gov supply Contracts
5. Care Homes

The now famous (see PMQs Hansard) advice posted until March 13th, but maybe even more importantly, the multiple advice received a whole month prior to this from the WHO which was ignored AND the direct case studies in France which were ignored.
6. Cancellation of Track and Trace

In the face of all scientific consensus and global best practice, the UK's decision to stop identifying those spreading the virus in order to apply preventative and reactive measures that at the very minimum would save lives of direct contacts.
7. Herd Immunity Saga
Too long for here. A summary (see vid):
Delay, triage, science advice, disregard for human life, influenza negligence all affect this

Sweden: Is UK Unique?
Sweden was not covert, the population was informed, consulted AND prepared https://twitter.com/mikegalsworthy/status/1260568774329225217?s=20
8. Schools Saga
"Use kids as taps to control the flow of virus". An extension to Herd Immunity. It is relevant because UK Gov planned school opening prior to containment controls it removed. Then it said health risks were exaggerated.
See attached. https://twitter.com/atatimelikethis/status/1261650303260164096?s=20
9a. Falsified Health Information
UKGov will claim free speech defence. So far as I'm aware Gov Health Warnings are NOT the same as political advertising and ARE subject to review.
Moreover, ICC specifically excludes Free Speech defence in these cases due to use in past crimes
9b. Heath Info (cont)
[Prime]Ministerial statements on
Claimed Herd Immunity Data
And HI claimed viability
Media(roll through the population)
Carehomes advice
Shield Guidelines
Manipulated data
Claims of learning from other countries
Others⬇️ https://twitter.com/atatimelikethis/status/1260629183333531654?s=20
10 Removal of Parliamentary Scrutiny
UKGov made multiple changes to and deviations from its own mandated Pandemic Influenza policies both prior to the Herd Immunity U-turn in March and subsequently.

These should have been reviewed by parliament, and peer-reviewed by Science
11 The Influenza Negligence
Multiple sources cite that the UK pandemic strategy (above) included failures of scientific advice and in applying scientific advice. Two standouts.

1. UKGov assumed a quick vaccine
2. UKGov ignored China transmission and death rates. (Feb 1st data)
12 Science Defence

UKGov has said it followed science advice in making its decisions. The above suggests this is not plausible or is evidence of further negligence.

Science advice: release advice, minutes & data for peer review. Many examples of UKGov suppressing these
13 Triage Defence
UKGov defence of care homes is triage of NHS. Multiple Flaws
1. UKGov failed its own triage advice
2. No. 5 above
3. UKGov was the cause of viral escalation - eg. airports, dispersal, creating a need for triage
4. Time spent covering up/denying instead of fixing
14. Placeholder for additional Items
15. Further Reading

UK Gov Immunity from UK Based Prosection.

How to prosecute at the Hague

UKGov are already falsely claiming ECHR is part of EU to remove further controls on them. How much longer is our ICC membership safe?
16. Can you make a difference?
Yes, YOU can 👉

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