I would just add, that here in #NovaScotia the only politicians listening to the scientists re #ClimateCrisis is the @NSNDP & @NSGreens, & no politician at #Halifax city hall has shown they listen to or understand the science. 1/
Yes, a councillor proposed & they all voted for a #ClimateEmergency motion. 16 months later, nothing.
Well there was another report, which led to yet another report.
Can we just be clear about this: Climate scientists have written all the reports you need.
This morning from @zwoodford @HfxExaminer:
Very positive news from @hfxtransit of all places. OK council you've got the report, now just do it & move forward on other initiatives to help save the future for our kids & their kids.
And this from @EcologyAction:
"Call to HRM: Invest in a just and green recovery"
Maybe all this will energize our city councillors. Fingers crossed, but we'll see how council reacts to the transit proposal. That will tell us a lot about who they are.
BTW, I am now choosing to use the words "save the future" instead of "save the planet", because the planet exists at the pleasure of the universe over millennia, but life on the planet depends on what humans choose to do in the next couple of decades.
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