To justify *mandatory* vaccine meets level of public safety threat to be Constitutionally legit: highly effective treatments & high recovery rate negate argument. So they discredit treatments & fake recovery/death data. Abhorrent fraud. Where's our protection from evil rogue gov?
2) They also want to keep the crisis cover going for as long as they can, to implement Covid global goals worldwide, as per UN's website:
-permanent loss of jobs; universal basic income
-open borders food distribution (disrupt supply chain & restructure it outside of trade deals)
4) And then of course domestically there's a Regime Change motive. But that's been ongoing, and they will keep at it regardless of Covid (see that they are pushing the "mentally unfit" thing again, plus "racist", "golfing too much", etc.). So focus on GLOBAL goals, which it is-
5) The US works for foreign/global/communist interests. Mandatory vax is very important to them ($$$$$+control+sinister agenda), as is the takeover of edu, which people seem to not even take much notice of. Distance learning is NOT "homeschooling". It is gov IN your home! Spy+
6) programming. Homeschooling is the opposite- freedom from gov to educate without propaganda or spying. Confusing the two will be what they want, which is to eliminate school choice. "Homeschooling still legal", except it won't be. Gov-spy/program Distance Learning is NOT choice
7) There is so much more to the communist/global takeover, they're making their big push. They rolled out the massive spy/track/policestate program Contact Tracing. None of this is my opinion. Everything I said in this thread can be verified. We need arrests.
/end thread/
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