When it comes to numbers & database no one can defeat this man. Truly legend! This is what I like the most about him. You can keep him away from the govt, do anything whatevr u want but u can't match his intelligence & studious personality. @Dev_Fadnavis hats off to u sir. (1/4)
He knows everything like Fiscal deficit, in which ways finance can be raised, loans & its repayments, etc about Maharashtra's economy. The central govt has helped Maharashtra which he mentioned but this tri cycle govt only blaming the central govt as they can't do anything. (2/4)
Mr. Thackeray @OfficeofUT I think you must have understood that running a govt & running a family political party are two different things. Even if u take 100 births u can't match the level of Devendra sir. I'm pretty sure u will take many days to understand what he said. (3/4)
@Dev_Fadnavis I really want you to become CM again. Coz whatever is happening here in our state is not good. Only u can save our Maharashtra. Please comeback soon sir. Maharashtra needs you 🤕 #MaharashtraNeedsDevendra (4/4)
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