67 COVID-19 cases in Kerala today. 29 from Palakkad, 8 from Kannur, 6 from Koytayam, 5 from Malappuram and Ernakulam, 4 from Thrissur and Kollam.

Out of this, 27 came from abroad, while 33 came from other states.7 through contact.
10 have recovered.
The number of people under observation has crossed 1 lakh again in Kerala.
Kerala CM @vijayanpinarayi hits out at railway minister piyush goyal over his comments on the CM, that he doesnt care for the people of the http://state.CM  says that it is unbecoming of his position & doesnt even take into consideration the seriousness of the situation.
The CM had requested thr Rail minister to inform the state in advance when special trains are allotted and to share the details of the passengers with it. This is to make prior arrangements for quarantine at the local level.
However, the CM says that even after this request, one more train was arranged from Maharashtra without informing Kerala abt passenger details. The state had to intervene again to postpone this train and get the passenger details. This probably prompted goyal's comment on the CM
It is essential to have the list of passengers, details regarding their address, where they will be staying and telephone numbers, among other details. In the absence of these details, it would adversely affect the government's tracking and fight against COVID-19.
Not to forget that these trains from Maharashtra were arranged by the opposition congress. Even their local leaders were aware of the train's arrival. However, the state and dist administrations came to know about it only when the train was on the way.
Video of CM's comments on the rail minister here https://twitter.com/arunrajpaul/status/1265259360126529536?s=19
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