Here is some unsolicited advice for the Biden campaign. Hire the best former FBI profiler and top psychiatrist, and have them devise the best strategy to get under Trump's skin and use it. The best way to beat Trump is to get Trump to completely unravel.
You are not going to beat Trump by exposing his incompetence, the world already knows he is incompetent. You beat Trump by using his insecurities and paranoia against him, you hit him daily with strategically crafted attacks. Cripple him mentally until he no longer trusts anyone.
Get your surrogates to mock the amount of money Trump is paying his campaign manager, and use the narrative that his campaign manager is taking advantage of a "vulnerable old man."

Example: "Have you seen Trump's poll numbers? It seems Brad Parscale is fleecing the old man."
Trump hates women, especially intelligent women of color. Exploit his weaknesses every chance you can get. Have your black and brown female surrogates mock him in every interview and on Twitter. He can't control himself, he will become unhinged and attack the women.
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