Today I'm compiling the subtle & in some cases even blatant hindu hate that I noticed in #PatalLok from @PrimeVideo
The makers have put so many subtle messages with regards to #hinduism & our culture.
#hinduphobia is these online shows is becoming too common to ignore. Here goes
One of the most common thing i noticed in this show was that almost everytime anything bad happens there's hindu gods 9r goddesses in background. Dreaded criminals are devotees of lord shiva and lord ram.
Here's one scene: Tyagi who has murdered 45 people, is a "Shiv Bhakt".
More such scenes:
Pic1- Tyagi is brutally killing a guy and just coincidentally a Bharat Mata painting in the background.
This coincidences turned into a pattern.
Pic2- Just some goons greeting each other with "Hail Lord Shiva". #hinduphobia
Some scenes from jail:
Pic1- There are hindu gods photos inside the jail. I've never been to jail (thankfully) so I don't know if it is common.
Pic2- A criminal is stalking LGBTQ person & of course coincidentally there's shiva painting behind. They didn't forget to write "Bhole"!
Here's one more scene where 2 poor kids who live off stealing money, purses etc from people are praying to goddess.
Using kids to pass off subtle ideological messages is standard practice because people won't be harsh to kids. #Hinduphobic_Bollywood #hinduphobia_in_India
One scene where a hindu woman starts puking because muslim co travellers are eating meat. Then polite muslim guy offers water and the lady refuses it hatefully. This may happen in reality too but I've never seen such a hateful refusal for just offering water.
Intolerance !!!!
And of course there was political messaging too mixed with hindu hatred. Hindus are always the oppressers and criminals afterall!
Here's a scene mentioning "Ghar Wapsi". #pataallok #hindutva
One more scene where some cops are praying to hindu gods and reciting prayers. Same cops pass off hatred for their muslim colleague in another scene. Every devout hindu must be a bigot who's filled with hate for other religions, right?
Predictably, "dara hua musalman" narrative also has to be there no? Whoever is unbiased and has done some research will know what a farce that is.
Here's the scene where a muslim father says he is afraid to raise his child as a muslim, how can he be a jihadi? #pataallok
Now, let's meet some Ram bhakts, shall we?
Here's a scene where people chanting "mandir wahin banayenge" suddenly find the muslim guy mentioned above eating chicken and lynch his son on the suspicion of eating beef.
#RamMandir #Lynchings #PatalLok
The second son of the muslim guy also gets killed in jail because he was "framed" as an ISI operative.
Did you predict something like this? I certainly did and they didn't disappoint me.
#Islamophobia #pataallok
Some more political BS. We are ruled by fascists and racists, remember? Everything was hunky dory few years back. We suddenly became an intolerant society.
If you like muslim victimhood, there's a lot for you in this show.
Some examples.
Now, this is not me saying a muslim can't be a victim. But when there's a constant deliberate attempt to bring it up again and again, it has to be called out. #Islamophobia
Some more subtle messaging.
Pic1- one cop asking another to do something illegal and just coincidentally there are hindu gods behind.
Pic2- some jugaari guys having fun and now you know where to look.
This is not me hating on my muslim friends. This is to show the creators' constant attempt to show hinduism, common hindus in a bad light. I believe in freedom of expression but not when it is only used against one community. You may criticise hindus but this is #hate.
There's a pattern on online streaming platforms where you'll see one show after another where such subtle & at times blatant hinduphobia is shown. A common muslim becomes terrorist only because some hindus did injustice or killed someone in the past. This is justifying terrorism.
We've already seen some other shows with similar patterns.
Some examples:
family man on @PrimeVideo ,
sacred games on @NetflixIndia ,
a bit in special ops too on @DisneyplusHSP
I'll keep adding to this thread if I find something new.
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