26 May 2020 #MAGAAnalaysis My New Friend's Questions

I'd like to introduce everyone to my new friend, @ASpotIntheCloud - but her handle is more intriguing - EyebrowsGluedRight. Her self-description follows...
2) "One man was assigned to destroy the DC Stasi, but they took him out ("first we fuck Flynn"), then silence and keep torturing him. ⭐️⭐️⭐️"Who is John Galt?"

One can see an Ayn Rand reference there, right? Who, after all, is John Galt?
3) I hate to do this, in case you've never read Ayn Rand, but I'm going to answer. John Galt is that one man who refuses to allow his contribution, his creation, the mark of his effort and endeavor as a man on earth, to be co-opted, to be stolen by the takers.
4) For those who may not know, the Stasi were the East German secret police. When Eyebrows references them in DC she's talking about more than just the swamp. She's referring to the most powerful people in the swamp who exert their power as did the Stasi.

5) These are Eyebrow's questions and concerns. I promised her that I'd answer them today, here:

"I'm quite concerned, given your analysis, that if the D's run who I think they will, that Trump will lose some support from blacks and inds who he's been making progress with....
6) "...I wish that Flynn was back with him now. And I hope you will be, too. Thank you, again, for helping me understand a realm I've never considered."
7) Let's reduce her questions to a simplified three:

If the D's run Biden:

1) Will Trump will lose some support from blacks and inds who he's been making progress with?
2) Could Flynn be back with him now?
3) And I hope you will be, too.
8) 1) Will Trump will lose some support from blacks and inds who he's been making progress with?

Lose some? Absolutely. If it was any other candidate than Biden, Trump would lose NONE of the support of blacks or independents in general, and that is why Biden won the primaries.
9) What no one discusses, Eyebrows, is that the 8% vote Trump got from blacks in 2020 was beyond imagining. Imagine. If blacks in Michigan didn't vote for Trump we'd likely have President HRC. That's at only 8%. Let's talk about polling.
10) I have but a single data source I respect, the LA Times, USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll. Every other source I know is corrupt. I have analyzed countless times precisely how corrupt all the other polls are.

11) Please look long and slow at that beautiful graph. Such graphs are far simpler to understand than most people realize. You simply draw support lines underneath a candidate's lowest points. Resistance lines above his or her highest points. That's it.
12) As you know, Eyebrows, I analyzed that data during the long days our 2016 campaign, and made the first data-based call for Trump's victory on 15 October by that means. So, per your question, where are we today?
13) Sadly, we have no trustworthy data, not in public. I 100% trust @parscale, and I believe that he, and the RNC are in perfect accord. They have the real data, better than anyone else. So, whenever I see Brad on TV, I hang on his every word. But that's not data. It's words.
14) If I understand their process correctly, the Dornsife Poll waits until the two party's conventions are finished before it commences. So, unless some other data source might arise first, we must wait, basically, until the end of August before they kick into gear.
15) Between now and then, simply do NOT accept any data that the media presents, and that ABSOLUTELY includes FOX's polling. Every single data source I've ever seen, in these years, plays what I call the MODEL GAME. They simply over poll Democrats. It is that simple.
16) That poll model, more voting Democrats than Republicans, is the entire basis of all the 100% wrong polling in 2016. It has NOT changed since. We could dive deeper. We could discuss the questions. Here's an example. Do you think Trump's tweets go too far? Yes or no.
17) If you follow how that question tilts the answer...well, here would be a counter question, tilting the answers in the opposite question:

Do you agree that Trump must use tweets to break past the Mainstream Media's Democrat tilt?
18) Neither of those questions is honest. They tilt the answer. That is where we are in political polling. Only the Dornsife people have broken that evil tilt. That is why I selected them, and only them in 2016. No tilt.
19) Let's get back to your question now. Biden's victory in this primary season if due to a single parameter. Blacks and independents, many of whom hate Trump, like him. There is NO OTHER reason. Obama didn't want him. HRC wanted to run again. No one wanted him.
20) But not one other candidate, to include Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, no one polled better with blacks and independents. That single fact alone accounts for Joe Biden's current ascendency. And guess what? Your question indicates the real basis.
21) The real basis is Trump's HUGE advantage in both sectors.

Mind you, I have NO data I accept right now. I'm merely using memory and analysis, logic, to state what I just said. I trust no data right now. None.
22) Trump's appeal, his honest, heartfelt, and 100% righteous appeal in 2016 to blacks in Democrat run cities was...what the hell do you have to lose?

Who, in politics, speaks that way? Other than Trump, no one.
23) It is well worth a pause on that point. In 2016, Trump invented something, and he gets almost no credit for this. He created free speech in politics. Go deeper. He created honesty. Political honesty. No one before him in my lifetime ever spoke truth to public.
24) And he had the economic chops to back up his honest, everyman style of free speaking. In 3 1/2 years of the greatest opposition, from his own party as well as from the Democrats, he created the greatest economy in history. Not just American history, but in all history.
25) How? Deregulation. Lowered taxes. Those two factors, plus his constant negotiation with other nations placing America First, his use of tariffs and damned solid deal making with one nation at a time, these factors empowered America's rescendent economy.
26) Trillions of expatriated dollars began flowing back. Factories started returning. The trend will not end. Consider every town with a new Trump Factory. How strong do you think the Democrat vote will be there, among blacks or independents? That's why we have this virus.
27) My call, and it is sadly NOT based on data - I hate speculating, I love analyzing - is that blacks and independents will swing STRONG for Trump. Biden may poll well enough to primary. He will not poll well enough to win. That's my call. No data, but my call anyway.
28) One last point. I am deeply involved in the attempt to create an app that collects the best data in the world. I hope to have it up and running by July. If so, I'll beat the Dornsife people by a month or more, in providing the highest quality data in the world. We'll see.

2) Could Flynn be back with him now?

I'm very angry, Eyebrows. More than I can express in public. I rage and storm. Flynn should have been pardoned at least one year ago. I've been shouting out about this at least that long. Check here: http://PardonFlynnNow.com 
30) What does everyone say? A pardon implies guilt. Hold out for the courts to exonerate. Everyone says that. I have no clue why. Courts? Judges? Can you say corrupt as hell? I can. Judges can be corrupted. We now know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Sullivan is corrupt.
31) Again, your question cuts to the heart of the chase. Flynn helped Trump win in 2016. More than any other man. I have noted the data countless times. In 2012, Romney won only 66% of the veteran vote. 12 million out of 18. In 2016 Trump won 85%. Do the math.
32) 85 - 66 = 19. Trump won 19% more veteran votes in 2016 than Romney did in 2012. The first fellow who pointed that out to me was @SandhillsKen. Ken Benway. Well, it was PRIOR to the end of the election of 2016. He pointed out how many vets we'd lost in 2012.
33) 1% of 18,000,000 = 180,000. 19 times that = 3,420,000 votes. Do the math. What does 3.4 million votes mean in 2016? And, who accounts for that number? Yes, Trump was a far better candidate than Romney. Let's give him a generous 75%. Work with me...
34) 3,420,000 - 2,565,000 = 855,000 votes. Remember, we're giving Trump 75% credit. It might be well less than that. But in that scenario what do you think the Democrats would feel about 855,000 votes? Pick your state. Pick your region. Will just shy of a million votes count?
35) Please, do NOT give our enemy less respect than they deserve. They know absolutely, with 100% certainty, they know. They know that Flynn helped Trump win. And what's more, they know that Flynn is their worst enemy after Trump.
36) Why? Why go after Flynn with the full force of the entire government? Why do it? Why risk it? The answer is truly simple. He's the most dangerous man in the world, to the swamp, after Trump. He's the most dangerous man number 2. Trump first. Flynn second.
37) First we fuck Flynn, second we fuck Trump.
38) In real life, I swear like a drunken sailor. Here in public, in Twitter, I do my best to keep my foul mouth under control. I hate using f bombs in public. Honest I do. Yet today's world demands we give McCabe his words. Those are his words, not mine. We know this.
39) Can Trump have Flynn back? Perhaps the court system will, finally, #ClearFlynnNow. Maybe. And, if it does, I will - as I always say - dance in the streets. Hell, I'll make my wife take a picture and I'll post it. Right here. I'm not a good dancer, but you're not either!
40) Well, I don't know you, Eyebrows. You might be a great dancer. I'm not. But I do it without shame, when the truth has finally won. @GenFlynn is 100% innocent. If that wins, I will dance for America, in the streets. I promise.
41) Will Gen Flynn help Trump? Now that's an important question. To the degree I know, and I know a bit, he will. It is the evil left's greatest fear. They must silence Gen Flynn. I do not believe they will succeed. They didn't in 2016. They won't in 2020.

3) And I hope you will be, too.

I shall.

And Twitter is part of my answer.
43) People often ask me, does Steve Bannon follow you?

I always have the same answer. It doesn't matter. Steve can have his assistant find my work. I publish it in public. Anyone can find my work.
44) Here is my claim. As an independent analyst, I am the most accomplished in American history. As an outsider, I arrived. No affiliations. No connections. Through networking alone, and analysis, I broke through. More than did any volunteer analyst in American political history.
45) That would never have occured, never, if it weren't for Gen Flynn. The term they use in the Intelligence Community, is analyst...and customer. The customer reads. The analyst writes. I am Gen Flynn's analyst. He is my customer. I charge no money. That's not how it works.
46) I've enjoyed lunch with Gen Flynn. One time only. He loves grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't recall what I had. I do recall this. He slapped my hands away when I reached out to shake hands. He hugs people. He hugged me.
47) I can't remember. I can't do the count. Was it 350? Was it 400? Or more? I don't know how many analyses I sent in during 2016. I do know this. Gen Flynn read every single one I sent. So, Eyebrows, you ask, will Gen Flynn be in? Will I, his favored analyst? Yes. We shall.
48) Be it here in social media. Be it in private emails. No matter. I assure you, I will support President Trump with my analytical capability. I shall. But what matters more is this. Gen Flynn will support President Trump. And Trump will win again.
49) America will be fine. China, like USSR before it will fall. Communism will make its final stand, and will fall. Flynn will ensure this, as will Trump. And I too, will do my best.
50) And so will you, Eyebrows, so will you. As will every patriotic American. We'll all do our best. And we will win.
Tread ends at #50.
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